Radiant Mind Neurofeedback

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback, also known as electroencephalogram (EEG) biofeedback or brainwave biofeedback, is a natural, noninvasive therapy providing lasting, drug-free relief from a broad range of disorders including anxiety and depression , traumatic brain injury, stroke, seizures, migraines, and Autism.

Neurofeedback provides your brain direct access to the information it needs to achieve stability and optimized function, allowing it to better self-regulate. As it does this, your brain's function improves, allowing you to experience changes in emotional state and in daily function. Neurofeedback facilitates direct access to the brain processes that define our experience of life, self, and the world. With neurofeedback, your brain transforms it own internal patterns of communication and function. This makes it a rapid, powerful, and effective therapeutic tool.

We tailor our treatment plan to target brain regions and processes specific to your condition, however improvements typically appear in a broader range of areas than simply those targeted. For example, treating headaches or seizures may also lead to a calming of emotional states, a brightening of visual field, improved sleep, improved cognitive function, or other combinations of changes.

What happens during a session?

During a session, sensors are placed on carefully-selected sites on your scalp and your brain's moment to moment activity is reflected onto a screen in front of you in real time. Sitting in front of a video monitor, you watch and listen while playing a game, watching a movie, or simply enjoying a pleasant audiovisual display. Subtle changes occur on the screen, and over time your brain begins to recognize these changes as reflections of its own internal activity. As your brain begins to recognize this information as significant to its own function, it will adjusts, refines, and tunes itself in response. This entire process occurs below the level of conscious thought or intent. No overt action is required of you, beyond watching and listening. Progressively, dysregulated and dysfunctional processes begin to balance and calm themselves. Clients often find themselves surprised at how easy it is. By directly accessing base processes regulating brain function, neurofeedback bypasses your conscious mind and goes directly to the core impulses and brain processes which produce your conscious experience of the world. You should expect to experience a pleasant relaxation, clarity of mind, and improved general sense of well being during or after sessions.

How long do the effects last?

Because this form of healing is based in your brain learning new ways of functioning, the results tend to be lasting. A typical course of treatment can run from twenty to forty sessions, depending on the presenting symptoms and underlying medical conditions. Ongoing medical issues or degenerative conditions may require more. To maximize recovery, we recommend that neurofeedback be accompanied by addressing dietary, lifestyle, environmental, medical, and other potential insults to a person's well being. An initial course of therapy consists of a minimum of 20 visits in one hour sessions twice weekly. Those taking medications should coordinate with their prescriber, as doses may need to be reduced in response to training.

Why choose Radiant Mind?

There are now many types of neurofeedback on the market, including affordable home devices. We use a specific, powerful, and effective technology and method (Othmer method) that differs significantly from a one-size fits all, plug in and go technology. In acheiving safe, quick, and maximal recovery, these differences matter.

All of our sessions are guided and managed by a trained nurse who will continually assess, adjust protocols, and tailor protocols specific to your symptoms..

Our neurofeedback is noninvasive and non prescriptive. We don't push or force your brain into a particular state. We simply offer your brain a reflection of its own activity in real time. We operate on the assumption that ideal function will be different for each individual brain. Rather than assuming there is a model ‘normal’ brain to push your brain’s activity towards, we allow your brain to guide our process, offering greater flexibility and posing a broader spectrum of successful endpoints for training. Over time, your brain learns to adjust and regulate its own internal processes in a more balanced, functional, and optimized manner.

We combine training modes known as infra-low frequency, alpha-theta, and synchrony. These different modalities are combined with specific electrode sensor placements. Treatment is tailored and refined to each specific client and modified as needed during and between sessions.

We're passionate about sharing this powerful technology with people. Please feel free to reach out with questions and inquiries.

What we offer:

ILF, Alpha-Theta Deep State, Synchrony.

For more information on Othmer Method and neurofeedback in general: